Here you will find a list of all of the active CGF programs that are a part of the EasyDonate system.

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Muscular Mental Health
Raising money to help First Responders, Dispatchers and Chief Officers receive clinical counselling and mental health intervention. Many Firefighters cannot afford help when it comes to their own mental health and yet they continue to serve the citizens of their community. We want to help them and their families! Your donation will give First Responders the funds to access counselling for much needed assistance. Thank you Proud supporter of Heads Up Guys
The Scott McKay Foundation
Sarah Pocaluyko Memorial Foundation
In loving memory of our daughter Sarah, who passed away June 19th 2018 from an anaphylactic reaction. Monies donated will support food allergy research and awareness, Trillium Gift of Life and other charities in Sarah’s honour
Ryan Nestibo Foundation
Ryan Nestibo Foundation
The Namuwongo Literacy Project Foundation
The Namuwongo Literacy Project was founded with the objective of providing an education, as well as meeting the basic needs of children in the slums of Namuwongo, Kampala, Uganda.
The Divine Mercy Fund for African Development and Relief
The Divine Mercy Fund for African Development and Relief: We provide assistance to the poor in keeping with Catholic Christian principles.
The Norma DeWitt te Boekhorst Foundation
The Michael Assenza Charitable Foundation
This foundation will provide grants to charities that support animal welfare, the environment and mental health.
The Gilchrist Family Foundation
The Gilchrist Family Foundation supports literacy and learning, champions sport and play, connects communities and families, and promotes health and well-being.
Neeko's Animal Welfare Foundation
Supporting charities that prevent the suffering of animals and promote their well-being and care.
Dr. Menjou Hui and May Lo Foundation
Dr. Menjou Hui and May Lo Foundation
The Bountis Foundation
Al Potvin Family Foundation
The Al Potvin Family Foundation‘s mission is to empower children and youth in Mississippi Mills to realize their potential. The foundation’s funding interests are within the area of educational opportunity and non-judgemental support for local children and youth.
Fondation Rhéal Cormier Foundation
Annual Memorial Golf Tournament for Rhéal Cormier
Marilyn Levand Memorial Charity Fund
Supporting people in crisis, protecting the environment, caring for animals