Empowering Children Through Education

Our Mission

The Namuwongo Literacy Project is a non-profit, charitable organization that strives to provide children from the slums of Namuwongo with the tools of literacy and numeracy to break through the cycle of poverty.

The members of this local, charitable organization are committed in our efforts to fundraise year-round in order to provide an education, the benefits of medical insurance, two meals a day, clothing and shoes to 20 children from the slums.

About Us

The Namuwongo Literacy Project Foundation was founded with the objective of providing an education, as well as meeting the basic needs of children in Namuwongo, Kampala, Uganda. 

Namuwongo is home to countless children who are not able to be in school due to a variety of economic, social and political reasons. Many of these children have been orphaned by war, disease and familial violence. The Namuwongo Literacy Project Foundation offers these very poor children their only opportunity to receive an education plus the benefits of medical insurance, two meals a day, clothing and shoes, thereby giving them the opportunity to forge a livelihood for themselves and break through the cycle of poverty.

​The Namuwongo Literacy Project Foundation (NLPF), thrives as a classroom of 20 motivated children. When a child leaves the project, his or her spot is immediately filled with another child from the slum. Once children have finished their education in the NLP classroom, the NLP Sponsorship Program provides the necessary funds for the academically inclined children to become students who will participate fully in the Ugandan Department of Education's mandated course of studies. These students are entitled to full certification of achievement upon successful completion of primary school.

The Namuwongo Literacy Project Foundation

Our Mission

About Us

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