What is this site and what can I do here?

If you have a Charitable Gift Fund and you wish to invite online donations from friends, family members and the community in support of the philanthropic goals of your Fund, then EasyDonate is the answer. This is where you can create and manage a customized, secure webpage that accepts online, credit card donations directly to your Fund. Each online donor receives an official donation receipt for the total contribution via email.

If you want to request access to create a webpage for your Fund, go to Start Here on this page, or;

If you have a Username and Password go to Login on this page to create, modify or manage your webpage.

Start here

Contact Us to request access to create a webpage for your Charitable Gift Fund through the EasyDonate service.

Looking for a
particular fund?

If you are looking for a specific Charitable Gift Fund, please search our directory of funds. To access the list, click on the Directory tab at the top of this page.

Want more

If you want some information about Charitable Gift Funds or how you can start one, please contact the EasyDonate support team at support@giftfunds.com

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