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Dr. Menjou Hui

Dr. Menjou Hui Nov. 5, 1944 - Mar. 11, 2021

Dr. Menjou Hui passed away peacefully, after a long battle with Pancreatic cancer on Thursday, March 11th, 2021 at 1:00 a.m. in New Westminster at Royal Columbian Hospital surrounded by his loving family. 

Dr. Menjou (Meng Chuck) Hui was born in Maoming, China on November 5th, 1944.  He is eldest son of Pui Yung Hui and Pui Han Yuen. His younger siblings are Meng Ping, the late Meng Foo, and May.  He came over to Canada to further his studies. While completing his thesis for Masters in Computer Science, he changed majors to pursue Doctorate of Dentistry at the University of Manitoba. He graduated in 1976 and practiced in Thompson for a short while before settling in Vancouver and started his own practice in Vancouver East Village Sunrise area.

Menjou was loved, trusted and well respected by his patients. His nickname by his patients are “hands of feathers” or “butterfly hands” as his clinical skills were accompanied by his calm and gentle demeanor. He married his first wife and they raised 3 sons together: Twin boys Patrick and Stephen, and Eric. They divorced in 1998 and Dr. Hui married his second wife and childhood sweetheart in 1998. He welcomed May’s children, Melinda and Marcus,  and treated them as his own.

Dr. Hui and his wife May joined the Cambie Lions Club since 1998 and they are active members in the Burnaby Alliance Church.  Dr. Hui was well respected among his fellow “Lions” as a gentle, giving and supportive member.  He was a president of the Club in 2010-2011. His nickname in the club is “silence is golden” which is quite appropriate.  Menjou is often noted to be a man of few words but when he speaks up, it is often impactful to people who listen.

Dr. Hui is described as a man who is humble, selfless, and a role model with a heart of gold.  He loved to serve others and immersed himself with charitable works and giving. He was a gentlemen and a scholar as he was impeccably dressed and always loved to learn new things.

Menjou had the utmost patience and was revered for his ability to fix almost anything like a handy man. At his clinic, it wasn’t unusual to find equipment fixed with floss or dental materials in a creative way. His memory was flawless and he credited it to his near photographic memory.  He loved technology and keeping up with new gadgets which probably relates back to his Computer Science roots.

Menjou’s passion was to travel and explore the world which he enjoyed after his retirement by cruising. He loved his grandkids and was very hands-on. He was often found changing dirty diapers and burping babies much to the delight of tired parents.  He had a green thumb and could revive a dead orchid with his patience and care!  Dr. Hui loved the movies and would spend hours sometimes into the early morning hours. Menjou enjoyed music and would often hum classical music tunes. 

The absence of his personality, intelligence, and love will leave a gaping hole in the lives of his family and his massive group of friends. He will be missed dearly by his beloved wife, May Lo, his stepson Marcus Ho, stepdaughter Melinda Mah , and his 3 sons: Patrick, Stephen and Eric , younger sister May Hui, Younger Brother Meng Ping, granddaughters: Evageline and Justine, and grandsons, Oliver and Nathan. He will also be greatly missed by  a host of nieces, nephews and cousins.  Dr Menjou Hui is preceded in death by his Brother Meng Foo.

Dr. Menjou Hui’s calm demeanor, intelligence, selflessness, and his charitable works will be remembered by countless friends and family. He will be forever loved and never forgotten. 

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