Helping Firefighters when it comes to mental health

Helping those whose job it is to help

Be an advocate for those who are struggling with mental health.  The goal is to educate the public and raise awareness to eliminate the stigma of mental health. Most people have been touched by mental health issues or know someone who has been affected as one in every five adults has a mental heatlh condition. Less than 50% of people will seek help, in many cases, it is because they cannot afford treatment. Currently there is an epidemic of suicides in the police and fire service which is ten times that of the general public. More Firefighters Police Officers die by suicide than in the line of duty every year, and we know from the latest research that they have had elevated rates of PTS, depression, anxiety and alcohol and drug use when compared to the general population. Clinical counselling and talk therapy is key to a step in the right direction for recovery from post-traumatic stress injuries. 

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The importance of clinical counselling for front line personnel

Studies show that stress and trauma experienced by Firefighters can have negative impacts on their family life, their personal life and their well-being. Over the last decade Firefighters were often skeptical when it came to speaking to a health professional about mental health issues. This fund will provide various options for Firefighters to get treatment confidentially and to enlighten them on how essential and healing counselling can be to getting their lives back.

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Raising money to help Firefighters receive clinical counselling and mental health intervention, many of them cannot afford help when it comes to their own mental health. We want to help them! All public safety personnel should be able to do their job and also maintain a happy and healthy life by proactively dealing with the often stressful aspects of the job.  Your donation will give Firefighters the funds to access counselling for much needed assistance.  

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