Tyler G. P. Lewis Biography

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the fundamental research required for the development of a sustainable society using clean and renewable energy sources for generations to come.

Our Vision

“To ease our society into a sustainable future” –Tyler G.P. Lewis

Our Story

The Tyler Lewis Clean Energy Research Foundation has been established by his parents, in loving memory of Tyler G. P. Lewis, to fund alternative energy and applied sustainability research initiatives.  Tyler grew up in rural British Columbia and was taught the importance of environmental awareness from a young age. Tyler recognized the world’s impending energy crisis and had a strong “desire to leave this planet in a better position for future generations”.  Tyler believed that as an engineer, “it is our duty to address global issues, such as climate change, in a manner that is environmentally and socially sound.” – Tyler G. P. Lewis

To honor Tyler and acknowledge the value of his personal commitment to conserve and sustain the natural state of our environment a financial grant will be awarded annually to an innovative project in the clean energy research field.

Thank you for visiting The Tyler Lewis Clean Energy Research Foundation donate site. Special thanks to those who chose to further Tyler's vision, 'to leaving this planet in a better position for future generations', by making a donation.

Founding donors;  

  •  Lynn Prindle and Graham Lewis     -        100,000.00 
  •  Tyler's Grandfather, Garth Prindle   -          25,000.00