Vision: Improving the lives of Canadian youth through engagement in financial education, and supporting the development of tomorrow’s future business leaders.

Our Mission: To identify and support Canada’s best charities that champion financial literacy programs aimed at youth.

Our Values: Respect, trust, kindness and loyalty for our customers, our suppliers, our colleagues and our project recipients.

Maple Lane Charitable Foundation is actively involved in supporting causes which benefit youth.

Financial literacy is an important and overlooked subject in Canada’s education system.  A few simple and easily teachable concepts can make an enormous difference in one’s life. In today’s world, young people are constantly bombarded with conflicting financial messages and appealing spending opportunities. We believe that the Canadian education system has been ineffective in providing students with a sound financial base that will empower them to make educated financial decision as young adults and throughout their lives.

At Maple Lane Charitable Foundation, we believe that youth should have more opportunities to learn about money issues that will directly impact their lives, from using credit, to buying a home to saving for their children’s education. By being better educated and informed, they will be more prepared to make the right financial choices and enhance their future well being.

For more information on the Maple Lane Charitable Foundation and on how you can make a difference in the lives of young Canadians, please email