Welcome to the Green Owl Foundation

Equity vision

One of the features of contemporary life is the growing number of diverse responsibilities falling on the shoulders of each individual. Academic life, for students and faculty members, is no exception. It is recognized that important family care responsibilities may negatively affect academic careers. Far from the old-fashioned idea of campuses reserved for only a happy few, a vision of a family friendly work place and academic environment should be strongly encouraged. Accommodations and new policies must be thought anew to take into accounts the reality of faculty members and students with significant care giving responsibilities, towards their children, ailing dependents or aging parents. Proposing solutions to family care situations is an important mechanism to ensure equity in academia. While care-giving responsibilities more frequent fall on the shoulders of women, men faced with these situations must be equally supported.

At McGill a subcommittee on Family Care, referring to the Senate and the Board was created in 2015. Its action is geared toward promoting and advertising family care solutions to the community, but also propose and push new policies.

Sustainability vision

Human activity has a major impact on our environment, via pollution, emission of green house gases or depletion of ressources. Research on the more sustainable manufacture of materials and cleaner, greener chemical processes is essential to mitigate our footprint, while allowing access to important functional products.

This fund will support research in the areas of green synthesis of functional nanomaterials, using of light as a source of energy for chemical transformation and the use of non toxic and abundant metals for chemical processes.

Supporting sustainability research and equity projects at McGill University

As a McGill professor since 2007, I decided to create this foundation to support my community and help projects I care for. Research on sustainable materials and processes and promoting family care solutions in academia are the main targets of the Green Owl Foundation.

Audrey Moores