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Karen and Bob Carswell (in memory of your beloved Mom Nicole ) $100.00 07/12/2024
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The Nicole LeClair Welding Bursary Award


Thank you for your interest in my bursary.  I am supporting future tradespersons' education on an annual basis.  This foundation's mandate is to help close the gap that exists for employable skilled trades workers.  For every 10 welders that retire, there is only 1 new welder coming into the workforce to replace them.  Proper education and training is the only way to bring up this number!

The Nicole LeClair Welding Bursary provides grants annually to successful applicants in Ontario entering or attending post-secondary education in welding to minimize their financial burdens and to encourage and support the award recipient.  The 2024 grants will be for four $2000 bursaries!