Making the World a Better Place

Jack's Legacy

The Jacob (Jack) C. (Carl) Schmidt charitable gift fund was established to ensure that his memory lives on in a positive and beneficial way celebrating his life in the betterment of the lives of others.

Part of Jack's estate has gone towards support of the lives of people he may never have known but whom he would never the less wish to help.

Jack cared about and went out of his way to help and support the underdogs and the less fortunate.  His charitable trust will cotinue to care for those in need long beyond his time on earth.


The fund has been created as a legal Trust and seeded with in excess of $100,000 invested in income generating bonds and other financial instruments. On an annual basis a 2/3 portion of the income will be distributed to selected charities (charities to be advised). The remaining 1/3 portion will remain inside the fund to provide compounding growth and returns. In this way the fund will self grow and will continually increase the amont that each charity receives annualy.

You may or may not have known Jack but if you are interested in and able to provide a donation, the Jack C. Schmidt charitable fund is a simple and effective way to help those in need. Thier lives will be improved through your kindness and the world will truly become, in some small way, a better place.  The benefiting charities and the indivduals who are helped by those charities are forever greatful.

All donations are fully tax deductable and receipts are issued with each donation.

Donations are most greatfuly appreciated.

Your kindness and generosity will help to improve the lives of many people both young and old and will truly help to make the world a better place.

Dontions are fully tax deductale and receipts are issued for every donation.