Hope for the Poor Foundation

Our Vision:

To share a portion of what we have, with those who have not, in attempts to provide them with a degree of hope.

Our Mission:

To extend to others the opportunity to join us in providing Hope for the Poor to our brothers and sisters in various parts of the world.

Our Values:

Ever since spending ten days in the slums and outskirts of Haiti, we've been moved to really try to help the poor and the downtrodden, those with so very little hope.   We were all born equal, but blest in different ways.  These people would find joy in the simplest things of life, things that pass us by without even being noticed.  They are so sincere, so faith-filled, so inspiring!  

Whereas we are blest with abundance, able to purchase whatever we want to bring us joy, so little of which is the least bit inspiring.   Like most of you, we the Marentette's have collaborated with other charities for the poor, to dig wells, provide a water purification site, provide housing for the homeless, provide school feeding programs, assist with education and training, etc., doing our bit to help.

Our Plan:

We started wondering about collaborating with our own friends and loved ones, or even meeting new friends to provide for the poor, to bring  hope in like manner.   That is, through the most cost effective way, through sources that are run by volunteers rather than salaried employees.  It is for this reason that we set up this charitable foundation.  No donation is considered too trivial, and you will receive a receipt for any amount over $15.00.  We also invite your own charity recommendations for consideration, in which we could join with you, relative to the following needs.

There are so many reasons for setting up our foundation "Hope for the Poor"....

  • for those subjected to famine for various reasons
  • for those ravaged and displaced by acts of war
  • for those subjected to the natural disasters of the world
  • for those with so little hope for the most basic joys of life

(Be assured that  funds donated to "Hope For The Poor" foundation are allocated directly to the most needy source, by means having the least administrative cost, as assured by the Marvin Marentette family, as  fund custodians. As custodians, we gain absolutely nothing from this venture except to know that other people care, and together we are providing hope to someone in need).

Respectfully yours,

Marv and Veronica Marentette