Recent Donations

Name Donation Date
Mark Roundell $100.00 11/22/2023
Stratford Kurus family Private 11/21/2023
Susan Evans $100.00 11/21/2023
David and Sandy Atack $50.00 11/21/2023
Susan Thurston $50.00 11/21/2023
Fly (our dog) Private 11/21/2023
Noel Noyes-Brown Private 11/21/2023
Wes Zacharuk Insurance Group Inc $500.00 11/21/2023
Anonymous Private 11/21/2023
David and Allison Kirkpatrick Private 11/21/2023
Greg and Paula Farrell $100.00 11/21/2023
Peter McGaugh and Angie Arendt $200.00 11/21/2023
Anonymous Private 11/21/2023
Anonymous Private 11/21/2023
Al Potvin Private 11/21/2023

The Al Potvin Family Foundation - Our Mission

The Al Potvin Family Foundation‘s mission is to empower children and youth in Mississippi Mills to realize their potential.

The foundation’s funding interests are within the area of educational opportunity and non-judgemental support for local children and youth. There are three categories of funding including:

  • Academic tutoring
  • Counselling
  • Life Opportunities